Monday, July 21, 2014

Rainy Day Off the Mountain.

It rained, for four days straight. The house got pretty small. On Allie's day off we ran for the flat land and drier weather. First stop, trampoline park. Everyone, except Quinn, loved it!

Last stop baseball game with old friends.

Nolan's first game.

All of my boys.

Faces of Nolan at 4 Months.

Nolan has lots of faces he's showing us this month. We've had fun getting pictures of them with the big kiddos. They make him laugh so often.

At his four month check up Nolan weighed 15 lbs, 3.5 oz. He was 26.75 inches tall. As of late he is rolling over from back to tummy and to his back again. He loves to hold your fingers and push to standing. Nolan also loves to sit up watching people instead of laying down. In the last week or so he will pull his knees under him and has started to lift his belly off the ground! He's had a bite of applesauce and made a sour face, so we are waiting longer for food.

Other Happenings.

Riley finally decided that he wanted his hair cut "like Uncle Austin." Allie rewarded him with a sucker and Quinn ran for the hills. He got as far away as possible so that he couldn't get his hair cut too! The other little boy was catching some shut eye during the activity.

Hadley has been attending bookclub this summer with some friends. They are focusing on science topics, which she loves, and last week was bubbles.

VBS also happened this month. Quinn said he saw Jesus, it was actually Moses, but we are just glad he was kind of listening.

The garden is producing and we are getting enough to try pickles this year.

The pool has calmed down as the summer has settled in. We had it to ourselves for about 45 minutes last week. Beautiful day.

The Fourth Fireworks

Safety is key downtown before the parade starts. 

The Mater truck was driving by, apparently it was more interesting than me trying to take a picture. 

We headed out to the ballfields and found the party bus! 

Hadley found her old friend Colby and the two gossiped the night away in the bus.

Allie and the rest of the kiddos had a wrestling match to pass the time. Luckily this year there was no rain and we actually got to see the fireworks. Everyone loved them this year too!

Extra Fun and Moses Cone

The Bohall family was here for some extra family fun. Hadley and Auburn loved the hammock.

 While the boys preferred to swing like wild monkeys.

 The boys were also pretty helpful in party prep. They hauled the drinks and helped Allie get the grill from the PIKE house.

Nolan helped by holding his toes.

We rewarded everyone with a super long bike ride, immediately followed by a nap.

Then Allie went to work, and came home to water balloons. Lots and lots of water balloons.

We also attempted a hike at Moses Cone, but settled for seeing horses, taking pictures, and hanging from trees instead.

And I got to ride up front in the truck with the bestest man I know.